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Cellartis DEF-CS 500 Xeno-Free 3D Spheroid Culture Medium

Traditional 2D culture systems simply cannot support the scale-up required (>109 cells/treatment) to sustain the growing demand for cell-based therapies. 3D suspension culture is a viable, cost-effective solution for large-scale production of pluripotent cells. Although stem cells have traditionally been difficult to adapt to suspension culture, our scientists have developed a culture system that allows robust, stable growth and maintenance of pluripotency under defined, feeder-free, and xeno-free conditions. The Cellartis DEF-CS 500 Xeno-Free 3D Spheroid Culture Medium paired with a perfusion bioreactor system provides an ideal method for creating large amounts of high-quality, undifferentiated starting material. The formulation of this medium is based on the 2D medium, Cellartis DEF-CS 500 Xeno-Free Culture Medium, and cells growing in 2D can easily be transitioned to 3D for robust scale-up.

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  • Pluripotent cells in the spheroids retain full differentiation potential and stable karyotype
  • Optimized for scale-up of iPS cells for downstream directed differentiation
  • Produces 5 x 109 cells in a 1 L bioreactor within 3–4 passages
  • Provides a distinct advantage for scale-up to therapeutically relevant cell numbers

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Y30047 Cellartis® DEF-CS™ 500 Xeno-Free 3D Spheroid Culture Medium w/o antibiotics 1 Kit $318.00


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