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Real-Time qPCR & Reverse Transcription

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Tech Note: Raising the Bar on Single-Cell and Ultra-Low Input mRNA Sequencing

EcoDry Premix RT

Just add RNA and water…it's that simple!

Bring ease and convenience to high-performing RT reactions with EcoDry master mixes. Each lyophilized premix contains SMART MMLV Reverse Transcriptase, dNTPS, and primers—all stable at room temperature and pre-packaged in 8-well PCR strip tubes. Take a look at how EcoDry Premix RT simplifies your workflow while yielding high-quality results.

Simple workflow

  • Just add RNA and water, and go!
  • Skip the template preheating step
  • Work at room temp: no ice bucket

Flexibility and convenience

  • Twist off only the tubes you need
  • Prevent contamination with single-use tubes
  • Easily share with your colleagues
  • Store at your bench instead of in the freezer

High performance and reliability

  • Avoid loss of activity: no freeze-thaw cycles or lengthy preps on ice
  • Expect high sensitivity from an MMLV-based RT
  • Trust your results with minimal variation between samples

Consistent expression levels of Human MAP1B are seen in cDNA synthesized by the EcoDry RT, even with as little as 5 ng of total RNA input for qPCR. Results are comparable to liquid SMART MMLV RT and SMARTScribe RT, and in some cases, show less variation. cDNA synthesis by each RT was followed with qPCR using SYBR Advantage qPCR Premix. Regardless of the RNA input level, the amount of cDNA was the same for each qPCR sample.

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