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Real-Time qPCR & Reverse Transcription

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Tech Note: Raising the Bar on Single-Cell and Ultra-Low Input mRNA Sequencing

Choose to Be Sustainable

Have you ever wondered how you can be sustainable while devoting your time to making scientific discoveries? If you stop to think about how much energy is consumed by research in a single day, week, or year, you could easily find yourself discouraged. However, with the EcoDry series, you don't need to compromise—you can change the world with your scientific advancements and, at the same time, reduce negative impacts on the planet.

  • transmission towers

    Reduce electricity usage.

    Lab freezers consume lots of electricity. Since EcoDry enzymes are stable at room temperature, they reduce freezer use. Of course, you don't need an ice bucket, either.

  • carbon footprints and Styrofoam

    Reduce landfill waste.

    EcoDry products ship at room temperature with biodegradable packing peanuts, meaning less Styrofoam ends up in landfills.

  • trucks

    Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    Shipping without ice not only reduces packaging waste, but contributes to lower carbon emissions associated with transportation.

Think green.
Discover how other researchers have done it:

The University of Washington—located near temperate rainforests—is home to top laboratories that are not only generating new discoveries but also lots of trash. UW's Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability program encourages the use of energy-saving, waste-reducing reagents that are shipped and stored at room temperature, such as EcoDry products. Reducing fuel consumption and landfill waste: That's Good Science!

Go greener with our EcoDry series:

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