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qPCR Normalization with the External Standard Kit (λ polyA) for qPCR

In real-time PCR (qPCR), target gene expression levels are often normalized to the expression of a reference gene to obtain relative quantification of expression. This normalization strategy corrects for differences in the amount of input RNA and variations in reaction efficiency. A housekeeping gene whose expression level is stable in the samples being tested is commonly used as the reference. However, in some experimental systems, it may be difficult to identify a gene with stable expression. In such cases, an external standard RNA can be added to the reaction to serve as a reference.

External Standard Kit (λ polyA) for qPCR provides an external reference for qPCR normalization. The kit contains the reference RNA (λ polyA+ RNA-A) and primers for real-time PCR detection. To use, a fixed amount of the λ polyA RNA can be directly added to RNA samples before cDNA synthesis with oligo-dT. Subsequently, SYBR Green-based qPCR detection can be used to quantify the amount of λ polyA RNA in each sample.

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  • qPCR Normalization


Real Time Primers for λ polyA (10 µM) 200 µL each
EASY Dilution (for Real Time PCR)* 1 mL
λ polyA+ RNA-A (10 ng/µL)  15 µL

* EASY Dilution (for Real Time PCR) is also available separately (Cat. # 9160)


  • Real Time Primer for λ polyA and EASY Dilution (for Real Time PCR): -20°C
  • λ polyA+ RNA-A: -80°C

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
3789 External Standard Kit (Lambda PolyA) for qPCR 1 Set $208.00


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