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Real-Time qPCR & Reverse Transcription

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EASY Dilution Solution for Real Time PCR

Takara's EASY Dilution Solution for Real Time PCR may be used for diluting DNA and RNA for qPCR and for preparing serial dilutions of the nucleic acid standard when generating a standard curve in qPCR. The product also serves as an excellent dilution buffer for SYBR Green or probe detection.

When diluting DNA and RNA for qPCR in sterilized water or TE buffer, some template absorption to the inside of the tube may occur, preventing correct dilution. The EASY Dilution Solution for Real Time PCR helps eliminate this absorption problem, allowing for correct dilution, especially at lower DNA and RNA concentrations. Additionally, this product is RNA free, eliminating the issue of non-specific RNA-derived amplification.

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  • Diluting DNA and RNA for qPCR
  • Preparing standard for standard curve



Note: Store this product in aliquots to avoid contamination.


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9160 EASY Dilution (for Real Time PCR) 8 x 1 mL $141.00



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