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Protein Interactions & Profiling

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Yeast Minimal Media—SD Base

These high-quality yeast growth media can be used together with dropout (DO) supplements for confirming auxotrophic phenotypes and selecting yeast transformants. They are ideal for use with Matchmaker Gold Systems and other yeast one-hybrid systems or yeast two-hybrid systems.

Minimal SD Bases

Minimal synthetic defined (SD) bases include a yeast nitrogen base, ammonium sulfate, and a carbon source, either dextrose (Minimal SD Base) or galactose and raffinose (Minimal SD Agar Base Gal/Raf). Dropout (DO) supplements can be added to the Minimal SD Base to make a synthetic, defined medium lacking the specified nutrients. The SD bases are available with or without agar premixed in the medium. Each package of Minimal SD Base makes 10 L of medium. Each package of Minimal SD Base Gal/Raf makes 5 L.

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
630412 Minimal SD Agar Base 467 g $206.00
630411 Minimal SD Base 267 g $143.00



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