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Western Blot Stripping Buffer

The Western BLoT Stripping Buffer is a solution for removing primary and secondary antibodies from probed Western blot membranes. Antibody removal with this buffer can occur under mild conditions (room temperature, 30 minute incubation), minimizing loss of immobilized protein from the membrane. When using a PVDF membrane, the same membrane can be stripped and reprobed 2–5 times. After stripping, membranes can be re-robed, either with a different concentration of primary antibody or with an entirely different primary antibody.

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  • Efficient antibody removal from Western blot membranes with little loss of bound protein
  • Fast, simple protocol—immerse blot in Stripping Buffer and incubate at room temperature for 30 minutes


  • Stripping Western blots for reprobing


Western BLoT Immuno Stripping Buffer   500 mL


Room temperature

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
T7135A Western BLoT Stripping Buffer 500 mL $105.00



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