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Western Blot Blocking Buffer

Selecting a blocking buffer that best suppresses non-specific signals is critical to obtaining clear, specific Western blot results. We offer several specialized, ready-to-use blocking buffers:

  • The Western BLoT Blocking Buffer (Protein Free) is completely chemically defined and free of protein components. Thus, this blocking agent provides higher sensitivity than other commonly used blocking agents, such as nonfat milk. In addition to detection of normal proteins, this blocking buffer is excellent for detection of phosphorylated proteins.
  • The Western BLoT Blocking Buffer (Fish Gelatin) is a blocking reagent of fish origin that it is less likely to cross-react with mammalian antibodies than conventional blocking reagents, such as nonfat milk or BSA.

To obtain the highest possible detection signal for Western blotting, use these products in combination with the Western BLoT HRP Substrate Series for HRP chemiluminescence.

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  • Low background allows clear detection of antigens
  • Blocking buffers are ready-to-use without dilution
  • Can be used for blocking as well as dilution of primary and secondary antibodies
  • Compatible with secondary antibodies labeled with alkaline phosphatase or horseradish peroxidase


  • Blocking buffer for Western blotting


Cat. # T7132A

Western BLoT Blocking Buffer (Protein Free)   500 mL

Cat. # T7131A

Western BLoT Blocking Buffer (Fish Gelatin)   1 L



Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
T7131A Western BLoT Blocking Buffer (Fish Gelatin) 1 L $105.00
T7132A Western BLoT Blocking Buffer (Protein Free) 500 mL $144.00


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