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Protein Ladder Sets: CLEARLY Protein Ladder Molecular Weight Markers

Convenient and ready-to-use CLEARLY Protein Ladder sets are mixtures of 11 highly purified recombinant proteins. When used during SDS-PAGE, these protein ladder sets provide molecular weight markers ranging from 10-250 kDa (unstained ladder) or 10-210 kDa (pre-stained ladder). Load directly on gels - no pre-heating is necessary. CLEARLY Protein Ladder (Unstained) is recommended as a precise molecular weight standard. Use the CLEARLY Stained Protein Ladder to easily monitor the efficiency of protein transfer to a western blot. Because the conjugation of dye to proteins in the CLEARLY Stained Protein Ladder affects migration of the highest molecular weight proteins in the ladder, it is not recommended as a reference for precise molecular weight calculations. In this instance, use the unstained ladder.


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Protein Ladder Sets

CLEARLY Protein Ladder (Unstained) (Cat.# 3453A and 3453B)

Molecular Weight 
250 kDa
150 kDa
100 kDa
80 kDa*
60 kDa
50 kDa
40 kDa
30 kDa*
20 kDa 
15 kDa 
10 kDa 

*Reference band (four-fold greater intensity relative to the other bands)

CLEARLY Stained Protein Ladder (Cat.# 3454A and 3454B)

Apparent Molecular Weight 
210 kDa
140 kDa
100 kDa
70 kDa*
55 kDa
45 kDa
35 kDa
30 kDa*
20 kDa 
15 kDa 
10 kDa 

*Reference band (four-fold greater intensity relative to the other bands)

SDS-PAGE Recommendations

  • 5%-20% gradient gels are recommended.
  • Unstained ladder (Cat.# 3453): Load 5 µL per lane.
  • Pre-stained ladder (Cat.# 3454): Load 10 µL per lane.
  • Ensure that ladder is completely thawed before removing an aliquot for loading.



    These products are stable for 6 months when stored at 4°C. They remain stable for up to 50 freeze-thaw cycles.


    CLEARLY Protein Ladder (Unstained) is sufficient for 100 lanes. CLEARLY Stained Protein Ladder is sufficient for 50 lanes.

    Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
    3453A CLEARLY Protein Ladder (Unstained) 500 uL $139.00
    3453B CLEARLY Protein Ladder (Unstained) 1,500 uL $415.00
    3454A CLEARLY Stained Protein Ladder 500 uL $126.00
    3454B CLEARLY Stained Protein Ladder 1,500 uL $376.00



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