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Hot-Start PCR | Turn any Taq Into a Hot-Start Taq | TaqStart Antibody

TaqStart Antibody provides antibody-mediated hot start that enhances the specificity and sensitivity of PCR. This antibody inhibits polymerase activity before the onset of thermal cycling, preventing nonspecific amplification and primer dimer formation. When the reaction temperature is raised, the antibody is quickly inactivated and PCR proceeds.

TaqStart Antibody is significantly more convenient to use than other hot start methods and offers several advantages:

  • Avoids the sample damage due to depurination that can occur with the high-temperature incubations necessary to activate some hot start enzymes (1–6).
  • Reduces the risk of cross-contamination because it is not necessary to reopen the reaction tubes after heating.
  • Can be used when other hot start methods are difficult to perform; in high-throughput PCR, in situ PCR, microtiter plate formats, capillary PCR, and oil or wax-free environments.
  • Provides more definitive PCR results in cases when amplification of nonspecific products is a problem, as in reactions involving low copy number targets, complex DNA background, or degenerate primers.

TaqStart Antibody is effective with any Taq-derived DNA polymerase (native, recombinant, and N-terminal deletion mutants). Our Titanium Taq DNA Polymerase and all of our Advantage products include TaqStart Antibody.

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  • Allows convenient room temperature reaction set-up
  • Provides increased specificity, which leads to reduced background, allowing you to obtain your desired amplification product the first time
  • Effective and inexpensive method for hot-start PCR
  • Antibody can be used with any full-length Taq polymerase
  • Available in bulk quantities


  • Hot start PCR


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639250 TaqStart® Antibody 200 Rxns $209.00
639251 TaqStart® Antibody 500 Rxns $391.00



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