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Fast PCR: PrimeSTAR Max DNA Polymerase

PrimeSTAR Max DNA Polymerase is a unique high fidelity enzyme that is excellent for fast PCR. Conveniently formulated as a 2X premix with reaction buffer and dNTPs, PrimeSTAR Max DNA Polymerase has the highest fidelity and fastest extension rate of any commercially available enzyme, along with extremely high sensitivity, processivity and specificity. It includes an elongation factor to provide efficient priming and extension, greatly reducing the time required for annealing and extension steps. As a result, PrimeSTAR Max DNA Polymerase can be used for exceptionally fast PCR. Since PrimeSTAR Max DNA Polymerase is configured as a premix, it allows rapid preparation of reactions and is useful for high-throughput applications. For highly accurate amplification during cloning and expression studies, structural or evolutionary analyses, PrimeSTAR Max DNA Polymerase is the high fidelity polymerase of choice.

PrimeSTAR Max DNA Polymerase is also suitable for reactions that occur in the presence of excessive nucleic acid. Extraneous DNA ordinarily inhibits template amplification when using conventional polymerases because the amount of effective polymerase is limited by nonspecific binding. The superior processivity of PrimeSTAR Max DNA Polymerase prevents inhibition by excessive nucleic acid, resulting in a much higher success rate for PCR with minimal required optimization. Furthermore, the antibody-mediated hot start formulation of the polymerase prevents false initiation events from occurring during the reaction assembly. .

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  • Fast PCR for high throughput studies
  • Cloning and expression studies
  • Structure/function studies
  • Evolutionary studies (e.g., SNP analyses)


  • Highest fidelity of any commercially available DNA polymerase
  • Fastest extension speed means less time required for PCR cycles
  • Convenient 2X premix including buffer and dNTPs, allowing reaction assembly in less time
  • Antibody-mediated hot-start formulation
  • Proven performance as reported in peer-reviewed literature



PrimeSTAR Max Premix (2X):625 µL x 4

2X Premix contains PrimeSTAR Max polymerase, dNTPs (0.4 mM each dNTP), and buffer with 2 mM Mg2+ 


PCR Product Termini

PrimeSTAR Max DNA Polymerase produces products with blunt ends. It is suitable for use in conjunction with blunt-ended cloning systems.


    -20°C. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw.

Recommended Extension Step Time

When template quantity is up to 200 ng per 50 µL reaction, set the extension step at 5 sec per kb of product. When template quantity exceeds 200 ng per 50 µL reaction, set the extension step at 30-60 sec per kb of product. For detailed recommendations on PCR conditions, refer to the User Manual.

Recommended Maximum Amplicon Length

  • Up to 6 kb (human genomic DNA template or human cDNA template)
  • Up to 10 kb (E. coli genomic DNA template)
  • Up to 15 kb (lambda DNA template)



  • Nakamachi, Y. et al. (2009) Arthritis & Rheumatism 60:1294-1304.
  • Ohshima, R. et al. (2007) Genes to Cells 122:1339-1345.
  • Wu, W. et al. (2010) Cancer Res. 70:6384-6392.

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