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Commercial-Use PCR Selection Guide

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Titanium Taq SP DNA Polymerase PrimeSTAR GXL SP DNA Polymerase
General characteristics
  • Sensitive and robust performance
  • Excellent all-around performance on a variety of templates
Specially formulated for commercial and OEM use
  • Multiplex PCR
  • Whole-genome PCR
  • SNP assays
  • Genotyping (including mammalian samples)
  • Primer extension
  • Rare template amplification
  • Preparative PCR
  • Amplification prior to NGS
  • Long PCR
  • Sequencing
  • Cloning
  • PCR with GC-rich, AT-rich, or repetitive sequences
  • Amplification of rare alleles
  • PCR with limiting sample amounts
Amplicon size
gDNA <2 kb <30 kb
Plasmid/lambda <2 kb <40 kb
cDNA <4 kb <13.5 kb
Enzyme properties/features
3′–5′ exonuclease activity  
T/A overhangs or blunt ends T/A Blunt
Fidelity (sequencing)   6.5X Taq (GC-rich target)
Speed   10 sec/kb (rapid protocol)
GC-rich targets   Up to 73%
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