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Nucleic Acid Purification

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High-Throughput Equipment

High-throughput equipment, including vacuum manifolds, vacuum regulators, magnetic separators, and starter kits.

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  • In accordance with Macherey-Nagel´s Quality Management System, each lot of product is tested against predetermined specifications to ensure consistent product quality.
Product Name Size Specification Cat. No.
NucleoVac 96 Vacuum Manifold1Consists of a manifold base and lid, a spacer set, and a waste container set
In order to use NucleoSpin 8-well strips on the NucleoVac 96, the Starter Set A is required (see below)
NucleoVac Vacuum Regulator1To control vacuum strength740641
NucleoSpin Dummy Strips6 stripsTo close unused rows in Column Holders A and B during vacuum processing of NucleoSpin 8-well kits740685

MN Frame

1For optimized handling of 96-well plates with a vacuum manifold on the BioRobot 9600, 9604, and 3000 (QIAGEN); MultiPROBE II (PerkinElmer); and Biomek 2000 and FX (Beckman Coulter)740680
NucleoMag SEP1Magnetic separator, for use with 96-well plates (e.g., Cat. Nos. 740670 & 740672)744900
NucleoMag SEP 24
1Magnetic separator, for use with 24-well plates
NucleoMag SEP Mini
1Magnetic separator, for use with 1.5 ml or 2-ml tubes (includes 12 tube positions)
NucleoMag SEP Maxi
1Magnetic separator, for use with 50-ml tubes (includes 4 tube positions)
Starter Set A1 setFor processing NucleoSpin 8-well strips under vacuum on the NucleoVac 96 Vacuum Manifold or similar manifolds; contains 2 Column Holders A and 12 NucleoSpin Dummy Strips740682
Starter Set B1 setFor processing NucleoSpin 8-well strips on the QIAGEN BioRobot 9600/9604/3000; contains 1 Column Holder B, 1 Column Holder D, and 6 NucleoSpin Dummy Strips740683
Starter Set C1 setFor processing NucleoSpin 8-well strips under centrifugation; contains 2 Column Holders C, 2 MN Square-well Blocks, and 2 Racks with MN Tube Strips740684

New Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
  740680 MN Frame Each $174.00
  744900 NucleoMag® SEP Each $634.00
744903 NucleoMag® SEP 24 Each $634.00
744902 NucleoMag® SEP Maxi Each $237.00
744901 NucleoMag® SEP Mini Each $250.00
  740685 NucleoSpin® Dummy Strips 6 Strips $46.00
  740681 NucleoVac™ 96 Vacuum Manifold Each $545.00
  740641 NucleoVac™ Vacuum Regulator Each $161.00
  740682 Starter Set A Each $273.00
  740683 Starter Set B 1 Set $415.00
  740684 Starter Set C Each $386.00



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