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EDTA Buffer Powder

EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) is a chelating agent that binds divalent metal ions such as calcium and magnesium. EDTA can be used to prevent degradation of DNA and RNA and to inactivate nucleases that require metal ions. EDTA can also be used to inactivate metal ion-requiring enzymes. This product is a powder for preparing EDTA solution; each powder-containing pouch yields 2.5 L of 0.5 M EDTA solution (pH8.0).

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  • Inhibitor of metal-dependent enzymes
  • Stop solution for metal ion dependent enzymatic reactions
  • Preparation of TE buffer


5 pouches (for 2.5 L)

Final solution from one pouch (500 mL):
0.5 M EDTA, pH8.0


Store powder at room temperature.


Empty the contents of one pouch in a flask or beaker. Add 300 mL of distilled water or deionized water and stir the solution briefly. Adjust the volume to 500 mL, and stir until completely dissolved.

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T9191 EDTA Buffer Powder 5 Pouches $223.00



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