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Deletion Kit for Kilo-Sequencing

The Deletion Kit for Kilo-Sequencing from Takara Bio is designed to facilitate DNA sequencing and especially sequencing of long DNA fragments cloned into the multiple cloning sites of M13 phage vectors (mp18/19) or pUC-related plasmid or phagemid vectors (pUC18/19). The Deletion Kit for Kilo-Sequencing can be used to create nested unidirectional deletions in target DNA, enabling progressive movement of the vector's primer binding site towards the sequence of interest. Optimized reagent cocktails are included in the Deletion Kit for Kilo-Sequencing to ensure efficient self-circularization of deletion subclones.

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  • DNA sequencing
  • Sequencing long DNA fragments 


Exo III Buffer500 µL
Exonuclease III (180 U/µL) 10 µL
Mung Bean Nuclease Buffer500 µL
Mung Bean Nuclease (25 U/µL)20 µL
Klenow Buffer250 µL
Klenow Fragment (2 U/µL)10 µL
Ligation Solution A 500 µL
Ligation Solution B60 µL




  1. Henikoff, S. (1984) Gene 28:351-359.
  2. Yanisch-Perron, C. et al. (1985) Gene 33:103-119.

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6030 Deletion Kit for Kilo-Sequencing 5 Rxns $188.00



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