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DNA Extraction for Direct PCR: MightyPrep reagent for DNA

MightyPrep reagent for DNA is designed to easily prepare DNA extracts that can be used directly as PCR templates from animal tissues (such as mouse tail), plant tissues, blood, processed food, and soil. DNA extracts are prepared using a simple protocol that consists of adding the reagent to a sample, then incubating and centrifuging the mixture. These extracts can be used directly as PCR templates with inhibitor-resistant PCR enzymes. 

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  • Simple, rapid protocol
  • Yields DNA extracts that can be used directly as PCR templates


  • DNA extraction from various microorganisms
  • DNA extraction from mouse tail
  • DNA extraction from Salmonella in milk
  • DNA extraction from soil samples


MightyPrep reagent for DNA      10 ml x 2



Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
9182 MightyPrep Reagent for DNA 20 mL $110.00



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