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Gel Electrophoresis Equipment: Mupid Related Products

Takara's Mupid related products include accessories and replacement parts for the Mupid series of gel electrophoresis equipment. Mupid related products include power supplies, fuses, gel tanks, covers, gel casting stands, combs and gel trays.

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  • Agarose gel electrophoresis

Parts Included in Gel Casting Sets

  Gel Casting Set L (Cat. # AD216) 
ComponentCat. #Included in Set
Gel Tray-LAD2102
Gel Tray-SAD-2114
Gel Maker Stand-LAD2151

  Gel Casting Set HR (Heat-Resistant) (Cat. # AD230) 
ComponentCat. #Included in Set
Gel Tray L-HRAD2322
Gel Tray S-HRAD2334
Gel Maker Stand-HRNot sold separately1
Comb-LHNot sold separately2

Gel Tray Dimensions

  • Gel Tray-L (Cat. # AD210): 110 mm x 60 mm
  • Gel tray-S for Mupid-ex (Cat. # AD202): 130 mm x 60 mm
  • Gel tray-L for Mupid-ex (Cat. # AD201): 130 mm x 122 mm

Mupid Fuses - Specifications

Cat.# AD002

This product contains 20 fuses, each 0.4 Amp for 250 V.

Cat.# AD001H

This product contains 20 fuses, each 0.8 Amp for 250 V.


This product is manufactured by ADVANCE. Mupid is a registered trademark of ADVANCE. This product does not carry a UL mark.

Cat. # Product Size Price Units Select
AD214 Comb 25 2 Pieces $72.00
AD113 Cover for Mupid-2plus (Direct Only) Each $54.00
AD142 Cover for Mupid-exU Each $54.00
AD216 Gel Casting Set-L (Direct Only) 1 Set $210.00
AD203 Gel Casting Stand for Mupid-ex Each $41.00
AD201 Gel Tray-L for Mupid-ex 2 Slides $27.00
AD112 Gel tank for Mupid-2plus with cover (Direct Only) Each $303.00
AD202 Gel tray-S for Mupid-ex (Direct Only) 4 Slides $27.00
AD213 Mupid Comb-L (Direct Only) 2 Pieces $78.00
AD002 Mupid Fuse (Direct Only) 20 Pieces (0.4 amps) $21.00
AD230 Mupid Gel Casting Set HR (Direct Only) Each $175.00
AD232 Mupid Gel Tray L-HR (Direct Only) 2 Pieces $61.00
AD233 Mupid Gel Tray S-HR (Direct Only) 4 Pieces $67.00
AD210 Mupid Gel Tray-L (Direct Only) 2 Pieces $59.00
AD211 Mupid Gel Tray-S (Direct Only) 4 Pieces $63.00
AD244 Mupid One Comb-HR (Direct Only) 2 Pieces $44.00
AD215 Mupid One Gel Maker Stand L (Direct Only) Each $71.00
AD104 Mupid-exU Gel Tank (Direct Only) Each $237.00
AD111 Power Supply for Mupid-2plus (Direct Only) Each $256.00
AD141 Power Supply for Mupid-exU (Direct Only) Each $593.00
AD204 Standard Comb for Mupid-ex (Direct Only) 2 Pieces $20.00



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