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Inducible Systems

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Tet Webinar Series

Tetracycline-Inducible Systems Webinar Series

Recorded webinar series

More than 7,000 papers have been published in the two-plus decades since Gossen & Bujard published their original article describing the principle and composition of the Tet regulatory system. These studies span diverse fields including disease models, drug screening, RNA interference, and countless studies of gene function.

In these webinars, Hermann Bujard and Manfred Gossen introduce us to Tet technology and other respected researchers describe noteworthy applications of the Tet regulatory systems in basic and applied research. These examples only hint at the breadth of the Tet-based systems that have been described in primary literature and various review articles.

This webinar series aims to provide additional insights into how to best use the Tet technology for controlling gene expression in eukaryotes.

Part 1

Studying the Function of Genes by Controlling their Expression

  • Underlying principles of the Tet System in the inventor’s own words
  • Tet-On versus Tet-Off
  • Optimization of the technology

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Part 2

Controlling Gene Expression in transgenic mice

  • How to establish the Tet System in transgenic mice
  • In vivo applications
  • On-going developments for in vivo use of tetracycline-inducible expression

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Part 3

Tet system: Selected applications

  • Conditional RNAi described by one of the co-inventors of the Tet System
  • Tet system in virus production for added safety and high titers
  • Tet system in high-throughput screening

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Part 4

Getting started with Tet-inducible gene expression—Choosing the right system for your application

  • With such product offering from Clontech, where do you start?
  • Tips for creating a highly inducible expression system
  • Tet Products Selection guide

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Part 5

Controlling pest insect populations using Tet-Off

  • Controlling the spread of dengue fever with engineered mosquitoes
  • How the Tet system is used to create mosquitoes that cannot fly or breed in the absence of Dox
  • Fascinating details of a successful field trial conducted in the Cayman Islands

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Part 6

Identifying the most effective shRNAs for in vivo knockdown

  • Combine the power of RNA interference and Tet-induced expression
  • “Sensor assay” for large-scale isolation of effective shRNAs
  • Identify potent shRNAs that are typically missed by existing algorithms

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