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Guide-it SNP Screening Kit FAQs

The Guide-it SNP Screening Kit provides a sensitive and accurate method for high-throughput detection of single-nucleotide substitutions in clonal populations using a simple enzymatic assay.

The principle of the assay is described in the following video:

What is the kit workflow?

What oligos do I need to order to perform the assay?

How does Guide-it Flapase detect the edited nucleotide?

What is included in the kit?

What do I need for the detection of the assay signal?

Does the Guide-it SNP Screening Kit allow for detection of any nucleotide substitution regardless of the genomic target site?

Can I use the kit if I have no idea what the substitution is?

Could the Guide-it SNP Screening Kit be used for genotyping?

Can the kit be used to detect successful homologous recombination (HR) in edited populations?

Do I need to use column-purified genomic DNA?

Which cell types have been analyzed using the kit? Can the kit be used for suspension cells?

What cell densities are suitable for analysis with the kit?

Can the kit assay be used to distinguish homozygotes from heterozygotes?

How clean does the PCR of the genomic target sequence need to be?

How sensitive is the Guide-it SNP Screening Kit to the presence of mutations close to the site of the nucleotide substitution being assayed?

Are there any limitations or special considerations regarding what target sequences can be analyzed with the kit?

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