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mPlum Fluorescent Protein, mRaspberry Fluorescent Protein, HcRed1 Fluorescent Protein & E2-Crimson Fluorescent Protein

Far red proteins avoid the natural green autofluorescence found in plants and animals, and are preferred for in vivo imaging.

mPlum Fluorescent Protein & mRaspberry Fluorescent Protein

Living Colors mPlum and mRaspberry are Fruit Fluorescent Proteins which were developed in Dr. Roger Tsien’s lab (1–3) by directed mutagenesis of mRFP1, a monomeric mutant of DsRed (4). They have demonstrated stable expression and perform successfully in numerous fusion applications.

mPlum Antibody, mRaspberry Antibody

We offer anti-mPlum and mRaspberry antibodies (monoclonal and polyclonal).

HcRed1 Fluorescent Protein

Living Colors HcRed is a far-red fluorescent protein derived from a nonfluorescent chromoprotein found in the sea anemone Heteractis crispa. The coding sequence of the HcRed1 fluorescent protein is human codon-optimized for enhanced expression in mammalian cells. HcRed1 has a low tendency to form aggregates in living cells, and can be detected just 16 hours after transfection by flow cytometry, a time frame which is comparable with EGFP. We offer an anti-HcRed1 antibody.

E2-Crimson Fluorescent Protein

Living Colors E2-Crimson is a bright far-red fluorescent protein that was designed for in vivo applications involving sensitive cells such as primary cells and stem cells. E2-Crimson was derived from DsRed-Express2, and retains its rapid maturation (half time of 26 minutes at 37°C), high photostability, high solubility, and low cytotoxicity (5). We offer monoclonal and polyclonal anti-E2-Crimson antibodies.

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  • Far red fluorescent proteins
  • mPlum excitation and emission maxima: 590 and 649 nm, respectively
  • mRaspberry fluorescent protein excitation and emission maxima: 598 and 625 nm, respectively
  • HcRed1 fluorescent protein excitation and emission maxima: 588 and 618 nm, respectively
  • E2-Crimson fluorescent protein excitation and emission maxima: 611 and 646 nm, respectively



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632555 pE2-Crimson-C1 Vector 20 ug $589.00 License Statements *
632554 pE2-Crimson-N1 Vector 20 ug $589.00 License Statements *
632415 pHcRed1-C1 Vector 20 ug $589.00 License Statements *
632424 pHcRed1-N1/1 Vector 20 ug $589.00 License Statements *
632527 pmPlum Vector 20 ug $529.00 License Statements *
632526 pmRaspberry Vector 20 ug $529.00 License Statements *
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