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DNA Ligation Kit

Takara-brand DNA Ligation Kits are simple, two component systems that enables high efficiency ligation of DNA molecules in vitro. Using an optimized buffer system and T4 DNA Ligase, this DNA ligation kit enables high transformation efficiency ligation in 30 minutes. For general ligation reactions, quick ligation for cloning enables good transformation efficiency in only 3 minutes. Ligation reactions can be used directly in selected bacterial transformations with no need for DNA purification.

Both Takara's DNA Ligation Kit, Version 1 and DNA Ligation Kit, Version 2.1 have a similar format and simple directions, resulting in nearly equivalent high efficiency ligations and transformation efficiencies. The DNA Ligation Kit, Version 2.1 contains a convenient premix of enzyme and buffer that further minimizes pipetting steps and permits small final reaction volumes (for standard reactions). By using Solution II of the DNA Ligation Kit, Version 2.1, linker ligation may be performed. Transformation efficiency can be further improved by the addition of Solution III (Transformation Enhancer) into circular ligation reactions prior to transformation. The DNA Ligation Kit, Version 1.0 can also be used for DNA concatenation via the addition of Solution B alone.

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  • High efficiency ligation of all cloning procedures
  • Quick ligation for cloning in 3 minutes (30 minutes for some applications)
  • Small volume ligation (Ver. 2.1)  


  • High efficiency ligation in 3 minutes (30 minutes for most applications)
  • DNA insertion into lambda phage vector (Ver. 1)
  • Small volume reaction ligation (Ver. 2.1)


Version 1
Solution A: Reaction Buffer3 x 1 mL
Solution B: Enzyme Solution2 x 187.5 µL

Version 2.1
Solution I: Enzyme Solution 
(contains ligase and reaction buffer)3 x 250 µL
Solution II: Concatenation Buffer 1 x 750 µL
Solution III: Transformation Enhancer1 x 200 µL

Recommended Reaction Conditions

 Version 1.0
(Volume Ratio)
Version 2.1
(Volume Ratio)
Circular DNA Ligations
Insertion of DNA fragment into plasmid vector DNA solution (1) 
Insertion of PCR fragment into T-vectorSolution A (4-8)DNA solution (1)
Insertion of linker DNA into plasmid vector Solution B (1)Solution 1 (1)
Linear DNA Ligations
Adaptor/linker ligation to cDNADNA solution (1)DNA solution (1)
Insertion of DNA fragment into phage vector*Solution B (1)(300 mM NaCl) Solution 1 (2)
Solution II (1)

*Version 1 is recommended


1. Hayashi, K. et al. (1986) Nucleic Acids Res. 14:7617-7631.

Cat. # Product Contents Size Price Units Select
6021 DNA Ligation Kit, Version 1 50 Rxns $193.00
6022 DNA Ligation Kit, Version 2.1 50 Rxns $193.00



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